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The MX Comp is a cutting edge freestyle with an emphasis on the current trend of tricks such as the cynique and its variants. Although the panel layout resembles the MX, don't be fooled - this is a different beast altogether!

The MX Comp has a wind range of approximately 7 to 25 km/h and is designed to be a very forgiving kite, especially with respect to lazy/multilazy tricks such as the snap multilazy, multilazy inverse, and multilazy rolling cascade. With its light pull and smooth way of rolling between tricks, the potential to boost your skill set is high!

Special thanks to Peter Maternus (PAW) for his help in the development and tuning of this kite.


  • Wingspan: 218cm.
  • Height: 89.5cm.
  • Weight: 255g.


  • Upper spreader: 5mm carbon.
  • Lower spreader: Skyshark 5PT Black Diamond.
  • Spine: Skyshark P200.
  • Upper LE: Skyshark 3PT.
  • Lower LE: Skyshark 3PT.
  • Yoyo stoppers.


  • 295 Euro plus shipping.