MXS Strong

The Mohawk XS Strong is a heavy duty high-wind version of the standard MXS. It's super-tough frame means that the MXS Strong won't have any problems with frame shudder throughout its wind range of approximately 10 to 30km/h. A large area of extra mylar reinforcement and full-size upper spreader APA fittings add to the kite's strength.

Tricks are still available in abundance, just like the standard and ultralight versions of the MXS. Half-axel cascades, rolling cascades, inverses, cometes, backspins and backspin cascades, yoyos and lewis combinations - you name it!

To reduce pull and forward speed, we strongly recommend fitting SKD brakes (included in the purchase price) to this kite.

The Mohawk XS was originally designed by Robert Randolph and is now made by Sportkitedesign under license.


  • Wingspan: 222cm.
  • Height: 82cm.
  • Weight: 310g.


  • Upper spreader: 6mm carbon.
  • Lower spreader: Skyshark 7PT Black Diamond.
  • Spine: Skyshark P400.
  • Upper LE: Skyshark P300.
  • Lower LE: Skyshark P300.
  • Rollbars: 3mm wrapped fibreglass.


  • 330 Euro plus shipping.