MXS standard

The standard Mohawk XS is a nimble freestyle kite with a wind range of approximately 7 to 25 km/h.  Designed to be a versatile trick trainer, the Mohawk XS excels at lazy susan based moves such as the multilazy lewis, multilazy kombo, and rolling cascade, whilst also offering strong forward pitch abilities for yofades, crazy copters and French flic flacs (flip flops).

The Mohawk XS was originally designed by Robert Randolph and is now made by Sportkitedesign under license.  Click here for a review; download the promo video  (use VLC to play).


  • Wingspan: 222cm.
  • Height: 82cm.
  • Weight: 267g.


  • Upper spreader: 5mm carbon.
  • Lower spreader: Skyshark 5PT Black Diamond.
  • Spine: Skyshark P3X.
  • Upper LE: Skyshark P2X.
  • Lower LE: Skyshark P2X.
  • Rollbars: 2mm wrapped fibreglass.


  • 305 Euro plus shipping.