Kymo Standard

The standard Kymo is the radical freestyle kite of SKD's lineup, complete with a unique asymmetrical panel layout. Kymo sits deep in the backflip and spins rapidly during lazy susan moves, making multi-lazies and rolling susans a blast. Using the stock tailweight, the pitch speed of this design sits somewhere between the Seven (fast) and MX Comp (moderate). One-pop yoyos? No problem! The Kymo excels at crazy copters, backspins, backspin cascades, Jacobs Ladders and JL combos, cascade and slot cascade mashups, and wrapped tricks such as the lewis, 540-to-unwrap, etc.


  • Wingspan: 218.5cm.
  • Height: 97cm.
  • Weight: 260g.


  • Upper spreader: 5mm carbon.
  • Lower spreader: Skyshark 5PT Black Diamond.
  • Spine: Skyshark p300.
  • Upper LE: Skyshark P200.
  • Lower LE: Skyshark 5PT.
  • Yoyo stoppers.


  • 310 Euro plus shipping