Seven Eco SUL

The super ultralight (SUL) Eco7 is the result of concerted efforts to produce the lightest possible version of the kite whilst still retaining a comprehensive trick repertoire.  Like the ultralight Eco7, the SUL is far more than a simple reframe of the standard kite; the SUL Eco7 features:

  • lightweight leading edge fabric
  • lighter nose and tail webbing
  • TAPA leading edge fittings and aluminium standoff fittings
  • lightweight mylar reinforcement, reduced in area where appropriate
  • lightweight bridle line
  • seam striping, providing a stunning "stained glass" effect
  • 10 grams of removable tail weight

The SUL weighs almost 20% less than the ultralight version, meaning that you can keep on tricking as the wind dies away.  Despite the SUL's significantly reduced weight, there are no large, annoying deadspots in the flare/fade that can often affect SULs.  Moreover, the kite will readily one-pop yoyo and fly with a feel that's familiar to current Seven owners!


  • Wingspan: 235cm.
  • Height: 84cm.
  • Weight: 232g.


  • Upper spreader: 4mm carbon.
  • Lower spreader: Skyshark 3PT Black Diamond.
  • Spine: Skyshark 3PT.
  • Upper LE: Skyshark P90.
  • Lower LE: Skyshark P90.
  • Rollbars: 2mm wrapped fibreglass.


  • 280 Euro plus shipping.